Mangalore Furniture Showroom

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Mangalore Furniture Showroom



Decoris has a mimetic design, blending in and becoming an integral part of the context for which it was designed. These cross-references, between indoors and outdoors, have a design-oriented dimension and a fundamental element in common: a welcoming design.This sofas is not merely positioned outside – it belongs outside.The carefully selected materials and countless different modular compositions, created first and foremost with practicality in mind,make the sofas suitable for all situations, blending in with any other pieces of furniture.


Decoris forms a new chapter in the history of contemporary design, creating a fusion of different settings (inside and out) and temporal feelings (past, present and future). Passing through a Garden, a terrace, a balcony or any other outdoor space it is as important to consider how we inhabit these area’s as any other. For Decoris a this perception for outdoor as well as indoor should be considered with equal care leads to a luxurious and enriched location to enjoy in your personally time.Belizza see sofa as a piece that should blend with highly refined and finished spaces but integrate as seamlessly with the natural identity of the outdoors. This idea leads to a collection were the furnishings allow the outdoor to become one more room, or a new canvas to extened of our living environment. Living outdoors and enjoying all this has to offer while ensuring continuity of design, materials and colors are key to Belizza philosophy.This is equally translated by the use of natural materials that mature and develop there own character as the natural materials are lightend by the sun and washed by the rain aquire there own unique soul.


Experience and innovation, tradition and product development, expertise and experimentation are all key words when it comes to describing Decoris products. The companies history and experience is of great importance, but we look to the future as our forward thinking design is the driving force of our innovation. Together, the absolute equilibrium they attain is: total quality. For a tasteful brand, not a product